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Interesting looking at comparing Social Economics with Charter Schools vrs Public

In Broward County kids using free and reduced lunch is 54% at Charter Schools while in public schools it is 66%.  Thats a significant difference.


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Broward County Schools out performed Charter schools in Geometry on FCATS

Public schools had 56.70 % pass on first attempt, while charter schools only had 48.92%.  That’s a significant difference.

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Difference in History FCAT between public and charter is neglible

On final FCAT for History Charter Schools in Broward County scored 48.85% and Broward County Schools score 47.42% neither should be proud of their results.


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Broward County Charter Schools Outperform Broward County Schools in SPRING 2013 ALGEBRA 1 END-OF-COURSE ASSESSMENT

Using the states data the passing percentage Passing in Charter Schools averaged 68.36% and Broward Schools was 63.89%.  Charter schools out performed public schools by 5%.

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Marion County Bid Transportation 2011

Interesting document!

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Atkins-Grad admitted she took $6,300 worth of benefits found not Guilty

Atkins-Grad, 66 Democrat, admitted she took $6,300 worth of benefits from developers Bruce and Shawn Chait. This included he paid for her election victory party and her monthly BMW payments. But her lawyer argued that she was politically naïve, possibly “over her head” in the job she was elected to do — but not corrupt.  Do we believe this.  Is it politically correct to say she played the dumb blond.  If she told the court she could not differentiate between right or wrong, how can she still be commisioner?  I would love to here other peoples view on this.

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Interesting that the Broward Teachers Union is encouraging its members by…

Purchasing adds in the SunSentinel encouraging it members to vote yes on the the contract.

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Voter Stats for Broward County – As of Oct 30,2012

Early Voters by Party Affiliation for Broward County.


Democrat Republican NPA Total
Absentee 162391 84370 48005 294766
Early 73957 18725 19525 112207
Total 236348 103095 67530 406973

As reported by Broward County to the State of Florida.

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The Visible problems in Broward County School Transportation are exposing other Management issues

The sun-sentinel has written recently written some good in depth stories about transportation, and lack of leader ship within Broward County schools.  The story Titled “Broward schools bungled bus ridership figures, audits show” by Megan O’Matz is a good lead into the next issues that need to be addressed at the School Board.  Data is being stored in seperate silos.

Michael Marchetti brought this up to the Facilities Task Force numerous times and to board members and has been telling this to death ears for years.  Marchetti is a maintenance supervisor and has been fighting waste and corruption for about 14 years.  He exposed, unnecessary and troubled maintenance building project that was killed before $5 million went out the window. His work helped guide the statewide grand jury and the FBI recently gave him a civilian award for his extraordinary public service.

His focus was in the flaws in Facilities and maintenance. The issue he brings up is board wide.  We have spent 100’s of millions on different computer systems that do not share information with each other. He has stated the data is everywhere in separate silos and duplicated.  Examples he has given were in air conditioning where different departments have to have yearly in person meetings to determine what maintenance was performed on air conditioning units since this information is in different silos. What Mr. Marchetti means is that Broward County has all these separate computer systems that are dysfunctional.

The example in transportation is, in a properly designed computer system there would be one centralized database. Our computer system is not. A properly designed and implemented computer system would mean transportation would be immediately aware when a student drops of out a school.

The database which keeps track of students at schools is a separate database from transportation. The transportation database does not know when a student leaves a school, it relies on manual process’s, similar manual process’s Mr. Marchetti has been mentioning for years in Facilities. The database containing the students and schools is aware the student left, but the transportation software is not made aware of this without some manual process’s. We have all these different databases that do not talk with each other. The board has spent millions in the past several years ago, again like the GPS the system was never fully implemented. We spent money on automation yet have little to show for.

Mr. Runcie did move forward in the right direction by hiring a Chief Information Officer, but we have not seen much progress.

Krono’s may have been implemented in transportation, but has still not been implemented in other departments, still manually entering people’s time sheets.

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Public Virtual School options in Broward County

Two choice for Virtual Schools Broward County Schools The advantage of the broward virtual school is in the schools policy “teachers may exercise the option of having students take face-to-face proctored assignments and exams to ensure fidelity”

The Virtual School Run by the state.(This is the one my daughter participated in,.)

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